Simple Tips for Impressive Real Estate Photography

Photography has become an effective tool for marketing and advertising different products and services, especially because this generation prefers visuals. In fact, more people are more likely to get attracted to buying a product or hiring a service with visual content.  

House marketing is not an exception. Professional companies like the Cheyenne WY real estate and other local real estate services exploit the advantages that real estate photography can deliver. When you are new to the industry, it is understandable that you are still not confident about how to perfectly capture good real estate images. Therefore, here in this article, we provide you some tips for impressive real estate photography. 

1. Use a tripod whenever it is necessary 

Your tripod will make taking shots easier and more convenient especially when you are trying to think of a better angle to make a perfect shot of the house.  

2.Create a standard shot list for the properties 

Each house has its own features that are surely unique from the others. However, you can try applying these techniques to have a standard shot for every element in the house. 

  • 1 photo of garage, pantry, and laundry room 
  • 2 wide-angle shots per bedroom, living room and the kitchen as these are some of the important areas that clients look for in a prospective house.  
  • 1 photo of the bathroom. However, when the bathroom is more of an asset, provide two or more. 
  • 1 to 3 photos of the backyard, lawn, etc. unless, similar to the bathroom, it has features and qualities that worthy to be photographed.  

3. Make sure that the owners have cleaned the house. 

Of course, you cannot make a good photo when you are surrounded by a very untidy environment especially when that environment is the very thing you need to capture. It is also not advised to let the owners a lot of stuff in the house as it gives an impression of clutters. 

4.Explore the place before shooting 

As mentioned, each house has its unique features and styles. Before you go on taking some photos, you need to walk through the property and familiarize yourself with the whole structure of the house, both in the interior and exterior part of the property. In this way, you will learn what will be the best angles that can perfectly capture the beauty of the entire property.  

5.Edit your photos 

It is okay. Editing your photos does not mean you are being an amateur photographer who relies heavily on editing his/her pics. IN fact, professional photographers, especially in this field, take a considerable amount of time to edit their photos. You can have some basic color and lighting adjustments that will surely make your outputs more aesthetically appealing to the clients.  


As a photographer, it is your task to attract potential clients through your photographs. While we understand that is is not easy, there are many ways to learn how to do this. Just remember that experience is the best teacher so surround yourself with projects to obtain more experience and skills. 

Tips on Organizing Your Storage Unit

Renting a self-storage unit offers an ideal selection for long-term or short-term storage solution for storing your additional items. The easiest part of this process is renting the storage unit. The hardest part is organizing your storage unit. 

You will have a tendency to simply keep adding more belongings if you do not keep your self storage Belleville Ontario organized. Since you have lost track of things, you won’t be able to actually take out anything. You can make the best use of your unit if you know how to keep it organized. Here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Label Everything 

It is vital that you label everything that you store inside your storage unit. It does not matter if you’re using boxes or a clear bin. You should create a list of every minor item that can be forgotten about in the box. You should not simply label your belongings with generalization. You’ve got to be particular with everything inside the box. It will be a lot easier for you to look for the item you require if you are more detailed.  

Sort Things by Priority 

You’ve got to ensure you store items that are more frequently utilized towards the front of the unit if you are packing things in the storage unit. Of course, you do not want to always move a lot of things out of the way every time you have to get something. One great example of items that are probably going to be utilized more often is seasonal items. You can store additional furniture, mattresses, and other bigger and larger items towards the back of your storage. 

Store Items Vertically 

When it comes to storage, you should think vertical in order to organize a storage unit in the ideal approach. You should disassemble huge pieces of furniture such as tables and store them on the bottom. This enables you to make the best use of your container. Storing bigger boxes and items more vertically will take up space at the top of the container. This enables more space in the flooring area.  

Utilize Clear Bins Rather Than Boxes 

Boxes are affordable or free. That’s why most people use them. However, utilizing clear bins is a lot better. Boxes are not water-resistant and will eventually get crushed. Keeping your things organized is one of the biggest things about how to organize a storage unit. Aside from protecting your items, clear plastic bins also enable you to see what’s inside the bin.  

Create a List of Your Items 

You should make a list of every single thing you store in the unit. Create a list of all the belongings that you store in there. With this, you will not be wondering if a particular item is safely tucked away in the storage unit or hidden somewhere in your attic. Huge things such as furniture can be remembered easily. However, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of minor things. You’ve got to ensure you keep track of what you put inside the unit.