Flooring Options for Your Custom Shipping Container Structure 

Custom shipping containers become the common structures for a lot of companies providing job site office area, housing field personnel, or storing industrial items. The floors of a custom shipping container play a huge part in enhancing the longevity and durability of custom shipping containers.  

A couple of flooring options are more advantageous compared to others based on the planned use of the container structure.  

Today, we are going to share with you some of the most popular flooring options for your custom shipping container structure Sierra Madre. 

Epoxy Coating 

You can add an epoxy coating to a lot of other shipping container floor options. This will help add an extra protective seal. You can try asking the manufacturer to add a grey epoxy coating over the steel flooring or the original container flooring. If you add an epoxy coat, you will produce a surface that is slip-resistant. On the other hand, you are also adding a great finish on top. 

A lot of companies that opt to use the shipping container’s original flooring also choose to cover the floor in an epoxy coating. This includes industrial enclosures, storage spaces, modified offices, and a lot more. 

Steel or Aluminum Flooring 

Oftentimes, steel flooring in a shipping container structure is used for industrial applications. This flooring option for a shipping container structure comes in tread steel with high traction or plated steel with a smooth finish. Both of these floorings are watertight. You can spray them using warm water and wipe them down. 

Coin Vinyl 

This type of shipping container flooring option is resistant to water. You can hose it down and mop it up easily for cleaning. There are two shades to choose from if you pick coin vinyl flooring. This includes grey or tan. This type of flooring option is ideal for companies utilizing the container as offices, greenhouses, or bathrooms with frequent foot traffic. In addition to that, it’s an excellent surface to protect against acid, dirt, oil, and much more. Coin vinyl is directly rolled over the actual plywood flooring.  

Imitation Wood Vinyl Planks 

You can produce a professional and stylish space if you add imitation wood vinyl planks to your custom shipping container structure. Companies that usually request this form of flooring want them in their living areas or office spaces. The modified container becomes a homey and more comfortable space if you add this flooring.  

Manufacturers typically provide 3 shades of imitation wood vinyl planks. This includes a dark finish, a medium finish, and a light finish. It does not matter what shade is chosen, the planks will be directly installed over the containers original flooring.  

Bamboo or Original Flooring 

Manufacturers for shipping container structures build the units with bamboo or plywood flooring. This depends on the manufacturer. To protect the floor and the container’s contents they infuse the flooring with pesticides. While a couple of people might consider this bad, there’s no need to worry since it’s just a tiny amount only harmful to pests. A lot of companies will then choose to change the flooring.